50 Things to Do During Quarantine Other Than Cut Bangs

Let’s face it you’re just bored or maybe even a little stressed given the circumstances, but #stressbangs are not the answer. It has only been a month so there is no way you need a cut so put the damn scissors down.

Be easy on yourself and just take things day by day. Focus on what you can control and find gratitude in the simple things. Find a little pleasure in not having to dress up every day and a lot more time for yourself.

There are at least 50 things I can think of doing other than cutting your hair

  1. Take a bubble bath
  2. Binge watch a Netflix series
  3. Phone a friend
  4. Do a DIY hair mask
  5. Do a DIY face mask
  6. Reorganize your furniture
  7. Dry brush your skin
  8. Take a virtual workout class
  9. Tie-dye some old clothes
  10. Practice a new language
  11. Take a free college course online (coursera.org)
  12. Rearrange your furniture
  13. Clean out your closet
  14. Throw out old or dated beauty products
  15. Start a new hobby
  16. Learn to do the splits
  17. Do a puzzle
  18. Color in a coloring book
  19. Exfoliate your body
  20. Learn to braid
  21. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
  22. Throw a zoom happy hour with friends
  23. Make a new recipe
  24. Meditate
  25. Call your family

  26. Give in and make a Tik Tok video
  27. Clean out your camera roll
  28. Actually print your favorite photos an frame
  29. Try a new cocktail recipe
  30. Practice a new hairstyle
  31. Repot your plants
  32. Clean junk drawers
  33. Learn calligraphy
  34. Deep clean the kitchen
  35. Read a book
  36. Jade roll your face
  37. Practice yoga
  38. Make a playlist
  39. Dance
  40. Sleep
  41. Make a list of things you are grateful for
  42. Practice your wing eyeliner
  43. Meditate
  44. Learn a new dance via Youtube
  45. Don’t text your exes
  46. Bake something
  47. Try to recreate Starbucks drinks
  48. Journal
  49. Start a vlog/Youtube
  50. Give in and try making dalgona coffee

Repeat as often as needed and we’re here if you need an ear

Bang Hotline: 404-956-9001 Keshia Garnett

The Experience

A glam session should be just as healing as meditation. During your next blowout close your eyes and focus in on the humming of the blow dryer and clear your mind. Hopefully, your hairstylist is using the new ultra-quiet Supersonic Dyson blow dryer like we do, since this dryer is the quietest out there. Kind of reminds you of white noise.

We believe in customizing each experience to the person. Our artists like to believe they are super intuitive. One of our many superpowers is knowing how to read a room. We know when to bring the party, yet we can sense when you may need a quite, calming therapeutic glam session. Either way, our goal is to leave you feeling and looking your absolute best and lend a listening ear.