How to Get Long and Healthy Hair

Just Trim It!

Trimming your hair regularly can prevent split ends and further damage. Nothing worse than stopping in with your favorite blow dry girl expecting a quick fix and your ends are frayed. The scissors are your friends. Maintaining your trims also allows your hair to appear fuller and more voluminous. Stop holding on to those straggly dead ends ladies. […]

Today’s Most Popular Hairstyles

With services like Uber, why would you ever want to leave your house? On-demand services are all about convenience and beauty has now joined the movement. Avoid rushing around the city for hair and makeup and have the professionals come to you. Once your in-home service is complete all you have to do is jump in your clothes and you are out the door. Or let’s tackle those Monday blues together. Have your hair blown out simultaneously while you knock out those emails? Teamwork at its finest! […]